Pursuit of Relentless

It's a show about the life of the digital nomads all over the world and what they struggle with or what happens to them when they travel.

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The mission of this website is to help connect you with people and resources that can help you supercharge your life. From podcasts that have helped me to content that can help you move yourself from where you are at today to the life you have always dreamed of. Pursuit of Relentless is a space where people can learn to dream again and share their stories with the world.

Alaina Nadig

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Years Online

Scott Miller Episode 93

A leaders primary role is to achieve results with and through other people. Period... When that becomes your mindset... Then everything changes. You become more patient, you become a better listener, you become a coach, you slow down, you develop capabilities in others.

Emily Frisella Episode 50

We have to keep our mindset healthy. We have to hone that, it's like a tool. Build that mental toughness, execute, have the discipline in order to let that go and impact all areas of our life.

Chantelle Christiensen Episode 47

It is a complete domino effect whether you are eating healthy and in a good routine or if you have fallen off the wagon. What you do one day is like a catalyst for the rest of your week.

Ben Spangl Episode 41

That muscle is going to be built when we keep these high standards for ourselves and when we keep that promise, that commitment to ourselves, strength is built.

Rasie Bamigbade Episode 46

I was empowered to be myself and I really learned how to maximize on what my strengths were and then hiring people onto my team that were really great at the things I was not good at and just embracing that, being true to that.

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